Our wood is semi or fully dry and not DIY dry (freshly cut). So you can stack it straight away instead of leaving it on your drive for months to dry out.

Our pricing includes discounts for deliveries of 6 cubic metres or more.

Most deliveries have no delivery fee.      

 Fill out the website order form, email info@daviesfirewood.co.nz or phone Ruth on 323 8002 for a pre-Christmas delivery.

Davies Firewood – Christchurch

Davies Firewood supplies and delivers dry firewood throughout Christchurch and to rural areas near Templeton all year round.

Davies Firewood specialises in:

  • Producing and delivering split, screened and dry firewood.
  • Stocking a range of different types of wood.
  • Delivery to your home.
  • Efficient service from the initial contact to delivery.
  • Discounts for larger deliveries.
  • Selling bags of kindling @ $8.00 per bag with firewood orders.

Our company has been owned and operated by a local Christchurch family (the Davies family) since it originated in 1965. In those days it was called Chris Davies & Son Tree Services and focused on treework. In 2004 when Alex (the son) and his wife Ruth took over the reins, they gradually changed the focus from predominately residential treework to solely firewood and logging. Ruth, Alex and their great team of employees pride themselves on having an efficiently organised and professional reputation.

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PineOld Man PineLogburner MixOld Man Pine & Blue Gum MixOregonPremium MixMacrocarpaBlue GumETHOS/ULEB Old Man PineETHOS/ULEB Logburner MixETHOS/ULEB OregonETHOS/ULEB Premium MixETHOS/ULEB Old Man Pine & Blue Gum MixETHOS/ULEB Blue Gum

3m³ ($280)6m³ ($520)9m³ ($770)12m³ ($1010)

3m³ ($290)6m³ ($540)9m³ ($800)12m³ ($1050)

3m³ ($330)6m³ ($620)9m³ ($920)12m³ ($1210)

3m³ ($365)6m³ ($690)9m³ ($1025)12m³ ($1350)

3m³ ($365)6m³ ($690)9m³ ($1025)12m³ ($1350)

3m³ ($405)6m³ ($770)9m³ ($1145)12m³ ($1510)

3m³ ($430)6m³ ($820)9m³ ($1220)12m³ (1610)

3m³ ($430)6m³ ($820)9m³ ($1220)12m³ ($1610)

3m³ ($330)6m³ ($620)9m³ ($920)12m³ ($1210)

3m³ ($370)6m³ ($700)9m³ ($1040)12m³ ($1370)

3m³ ($405)6m³ ($770)9m³ ($1145)12m³ ($1510)

3m³ ($475)6m³ ($910)9m³ ($1355)12m³ ($1790)

3m³ ($410)6m³ ($780)9m³ ($1160)12m³ ($1530)

3m³ ($445)6m³ ($850)9m³ ($1265)12m³ ($1670)