Logging Contractors

Besides our firewood team that processes and delivers firewood throughout Christchurch and its nearby rural areas, Davies Tree Service also has a logging crew.

Our logging crew is a highly experienced, ground based crew that works all year round to harvest forests and large woodlots throughout Canterbury. We specialise in mechanical harvesting of trees on both flat land and steep hill country blocks.

Our operation uses modern well maintained machines. These include a 30 tonne Sumitomo S300 excavator, a John Deere 959MH with a Woodsman Pro 1350C Felling Head, a Tigercat 875 Harvester with a Woodsman Pro 750 Processor and a Tigercat 630D skidder. These machines and our experienced operators enable our company to efficiently fell, process and load logs in order to maximise the value of the logs to the forest owner.

We have markets for all grades of logs produced from our harvesting operation; from pruned domestic sawlog to export grade to logs suitable for chip and firewood. We pride ourselves in having a safe, tidy and professional working environment and in being able to manage the complete logging process involved when assessing, harvesting, transporting and marketing logs.