We Supply Firewood Throughout Christchurch

Davies Firewood supplies and promptly delivers split, clean and dry firewood to homes throughout Christchurch and its surrounding rural areas all throughout the year. View Firewood Prices


  • Free delivery within Christchurch – Monday to Friday.
  • Saturday deliveries have a $20 delivery fee – currently we have no Saturdays available.
  • We only deliver; sorry no pick ups from our yard.
  • Our payment terms are internet banking, phone banking or cash.
  • A $10 delivery fee applies only for deliveries to nearby rural areas that are less than 6m³ (ie West Melton, Rolleston, Prebbleton, Lincoln, Burnham, Kirwee) and to Kaiapoi, Brooklands and Spencerville. Conditions may apply to these areas for 3m³ orders.
  • A $10 to $30 delivery fee applies to hill suburbs. Conditions may apply to these areas for 3m³ orders.

Wood Information

  • Old Man Pine – A soft wood that is easy to start a fire with but burns longer than Pine.
  • Logburner Mix – Half Old Man Pine and half Oregon. Start with Old Man Pine and then use Oregon for more consistent heat.
  • Old Man Pine and Macrocarpa Mix – A half Old Man Pine and Macrocarpa mix. Macrocarpa is long burning like Blue Gum but gets hot more quickly as it burns than Blue Gum does.
  • Oregon – An all round medium wood that you can start a fire with and split into kindling easily but it burns longer and produces a cosy, longer lasting heat than Pine. 
  • Premium Mix – Half Oregon and half Blue Gum and/or Macrocarpa. Start your fire with Oregon and then use the Blue Gum/Macrocarpa to produce an even longer burning fire.
  • Macrocarpa and Blue Gum – These are our longest burning woods. 
  • ETHOS/ULEB wood is cut shorter in its width and length than our standard wood. It is for ETHOS Logburners, small Ultra Low Emission Burners (ULEB) and other smaller than average logburner.
  • Kindling is $8.00 per bag or reduced to $7.00 a bag if you buy 8 or more bags.
  • Our wood is naturally dried.
  • We are registered with WINZ to supply quotes.
  • Stacking tips – stack your wood in an open ended or open front woodshed, carport or lean to and not more than 2 rows deep. Don’t stack wood in a garage or a fully enclosed shed.

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Firewood Prices


June Delivery Prices 3m³ 6m³ 9m³ 12m³
Old Man Pine $330 $620 $920 $1210
Logburner Mix $375 $710 $1055 $1390
Old Man Pine and Macrocarpa Mix $395 $750 $1115 $1470
Oregon $410 $780 $1160 $1530
Premium Mix $435 $830 $1235 $1630
Macrocarpa and/or Blue Gum $455 $870 $1295 $1710
ETHOS Logburner Mix $415 $790 $1175 $1550
ETHOS Old Man Pine and Blue Gum Mix $435 $830 $1235 $1630
ETHOS Oregon $450 $860 $1280 $1690
ETHOS Premium Mix $475 $910 $1355 $1790
ETHOS Blue Gum $495 $950 $1415 $1870

Kindling – $8.00 per bag; 8 or more bags $7.00 a bag

Firewood Size

  • All our wood is cut to approximately 31 to 34cm in length except ETHOS/ULEB wood.
  • ETHOS/ULEB wood is cut to 28 to 31cm in length and approximately 18 to 23cm in width for ETHOS, smaller sized ULEB and other logburners with small fire boxes.